Why the Blog?

I think I’ll put this in point form for now, because it’s likely that each of these reasons will morph into a blog post all their own.  If this blog has any longevity, I expect it will change over time too.

  • A friend pointed out to me that my atheism seems to have become much more important to me since I became a mother – and she’s right.  I would really like to explore that, if only to give myself a better understanding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Read More….

  • In Australia our culture dictates that we don’t discuss religion or politics in polite company – so to speak.  “Keep that stuff to yourself” is pretty much the normal attitude.  In the case of religion, I think I may have been guilty of assuming this tacit silence was “agreement by default” with my views!
  • A recent trip to the U.S.A. proved to be more of a culture shock than anticipated, but not necessarily for the expected reasons.
  • This year, “Godless Girl” starts school (Kindergarten).  For a number of reasons, we have made the difficult decision to place her in an Independent (Private) School.  Most Australians will understand that this almost always (as in our case) means that the school is religiously affiliated.  Let the adventures begin!