Why Anonymous?

As even a casual perusal of this blog will reveal that I do not in any way conceal my atheism in everyday life, blogging anonymously may seem a little strange or redundant.

There really is only one reason for that & it has to do with the “Mum” part:  My daughter goes to a religiously affiliated school.


Don’t get me wrong, the school applies no religious test to enrolments & they are, in fact, fully aware of our family’s atheism – embracing it as part of the diversity of the school community.

However, Godless Girl’s school guidelines stipulate that parents must support / not undermine the Christian principles of the College.

In reality, I don’t think the school would really care about this little blog, but a little bit of anonymity should provide just the right amount of distance between blog & school.  We wouldn’t want an expulsion on Godless Girl’s school record at this early stage of her educational career!