Easter Weekend Chuckles

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Easter Weekend Chuckles

This Easter, my “faith” in the common sense of the Australian public is restored (see pic, or you can check it out here if the link still works).  If you missed the show live last night, you can watch it online.

It’s an hour well spent, watching that ultimate slimeball, Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, get his arse handed to him on live TV by the inimitable Richard Dawkins.


I laughed SO hard, it actually got me motivated to finally launch this blog with my first ever entry!!

qanda vote

76% of the Q&A audience on the night, believe that religion is NOT a force for good in the world.


Over Easter, Godless Girl gave even more fuel to the funnybone:

GG:  (thoughtful look on her face) Mummy, I think YOU’RE the Easter Bunny.

GM:  (wry smile) Is that right?

GG: Maybe Daddy helps too. (Way to go GG, credit where credit is due :-) )

GM:  I thought a big fluffy bunny broke into our house last night with a basket full of freshly laid chocolate eggs & made all this mess!

GG: (raucous belly laughs)  You’re so funny Mummy….aaahhh…It’s FUN to pretend!!

Don’t let me ever hear anyone say that we “suck all the joy” out of events by NOT LYING to our child.

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